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Pneumatic Tube System has been around since 1800’s.

Originally the system’s purpose is to send mails between cities. Now the system serves as the most cost effective and secured solution for physical movement of goods between buildings. As time goes by the technology for pneumatic tube system has been has evolved and perfected.

Aerocom GmbH is the world’s leading provider of pneumatic tube systems, to deliver best-in-class technology for the healthcare environment. Hence Aerocom system can boast that the system has been tested and underwent a lot of improvement based on customer requirements.

Aerocom Malaysia began in 2007 as the sole distributor for Aerocom products and services for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Aerocom Malaysia ensure the good culture, work ethics and perfection interwoven in every user experience of Aerocom pneumatic tube. We deliver excellence by working closely with clients and met their expectations to live up to the name of the world leader in pneumatic tube system

Accurate service to our customers.

Aerocom Malaysia is a commitment to service excellence to all customers. That serves as our motto and addiction to Aerocom Malaysia to give prompt, accurate service to our customers. Aerocom products are made in Germany – this is not just a claim that we make for the quality of our products but a standard that applies to the entire range of our products and services

Some of our clients

Since 2007, we have worked with some awesome brands and many, many, more great people behind each project we worked on.