Cash Handling

Solutions for the secure transportation of cash

Increased safety:
With a pneumatic tube system, no longer will employees be required to manually transfer of cash from point-of-purchase areas to the central cash office. The exposure and high risk associated with this task is eliminated as well. pneumatic tube system stations installed in plain view are a pro-active deterrent to potential criminals as they recognise that their potential haul is likely not to be worth the risk.

Improved efficiency:
Regular and efficient removal of the cash helps to minimize the amount of cash maintained in each register. Scheduled ongoing removal of the cash from each register streamlines the count and balance procedures in the central cash office. Rather than deferring cash counting, balancing, and related procedure to the end of the day or shift, these processes can be conveniently spread throughout the day, resulting in considerably more efficient work flow. Labor cost for routing change requests, supplemental cash orders, deposits, and supply items can be a thing of the past through the use of an Aerocom pneumatic cash handling system.
Dependent upon the currency, the amount to be carried plus the application, we would select a diameter to suit your requirement ranging between 50 mm to 160 mm.