Pneumatic tube systems in Hospitals

Optimize your internal logistic in hospitals
As in all industries, medical facilities face challenges. Staff shortages, the need to control cost, and the increasing size of the facilities, themselves, are just a few of those challenges. The result is an escalating reliance on technology to maintain and improve the level of service and patient care. Though pneumatic tube systems have been around for nearly a century, their sophistication and capabilities have improved dramatically in the last decade. So today, even more, a properly designed pneumatic tube system can be just the solution to a hospital’s growing challenges and need for improved efficiency.

In addition to relieving vital staff members of the routine transport of lab samples and medications, pneumatic tube systems deliver these items in a fraction of the time. Perhaps even more important than increased efficiency is the fact that critical samples and medications reach their destination in seconds vs. minutes.

No need to stop there! These improvements can be provided to all departments and personnel. The entire medical facility including central pharmacies, cafeterias, kitchens and administrative departments, labs and retail shops can all be networked together. Paperwork, records, and even cash can be more efficiently routed to their intended destinations.